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Look no further, you've hit your Number 1 source for High Quality Premium Disc Jockey Entertainment Services.  If you care about your Music, we want to talk with you.

We are proud to provide cutting edge DJ Services that have been sought out by your friends, family and neighbours and have inspired a whole industry to change the way it has conducted business over the past 30 years.  We have and will continue to be the LEADER in providing exceptional DJ Entertainment Services to today's clients.  20/20 Entertainment not only has set the bar higher for the industry, it has inspired how many other Service providers deliver their services.  

Uplighting, Online planning Forms, TEXT-A-QUEST, LED lighting, Credit Card Payments, just to name a few were brought to Newfoundland by 20/20 Entertainment DJ Services and we still have some ideas yet to come. 

Welcome to Newfoundland & Labrador's Premium Disc Jockey Entertainment Service - 20/20 Entertainment DJ Services.  We are all about making Memories Happen with our Top of the Line Nationally Reconized Services.  

We are not your average DJ Service Provider.  We are as Professinal as you can get and have the street cred to back up every one of our claims.

We are Fully insured for liability coverage up to $2-MILLION.  Other DJ ops claim to be insured, however we are the only ones that actually carry proper commercial liability insurance that goes beyond protecting equipment.  We at 20/20 Entertainment DJ Services have insurance that covers People, not just the gear.  That's REAL Professionalism.

Our equipment is our own. From a small system for an intimate gathering to a Christmas Celebration of 500 at the Delta St. John's Ballroom, 100% of our equipment we use is our own.  We do not and will not rent.  We are here for the long haul.  That's REAL Professionalism.

Your Wedding Day is one of the most important days of your life.  At 20/20 Entertainment DJ Services, we treat your special day as if it was our own.  It is for that reason that We are a Proud Independent Single DJ company.  When You book 20/20 Entertainment DJ Services for your upcoming Wedding, you will not be an inexperienced DJ or some guy that was hired the week of to specifically play at your wedding, You WILL have the owner of the Company - DJ Shane Cashin.  That's REAL Professionalism.

Now that we've touched on some of the things we are or are not, let's focus on why you have  come here in the first place - And that's to have a Great time.  

Up to this point, all of what we have discussed so far may not seem like it has anything to do with how your special evening willl unfold, however the value of all of these extras will be felt as soon as you express your intentions to book with 20/20 Entertainment DJ Services.  It's a warm and wonderful feeling called "Piece Of Mind".  

Piece of Mind results in excitement and anticipation of the wonderful time that you and your guests will have at your upcoming event.  Piece of Mind also comes from the fact that you know that 20/20 Entertainment DJ Sevices will be still be around to provide services on the day of your event.  

Let's talk about having You Music You Way.  At the risk of sounding cheesy, 20/20 Entertainment DJ Services will go into every event including yours, anticipating a different audiene everytime.  There are no generic preplanned playlists employed other than special requests submitted by our clients in advance of their event.  

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