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20/20 Entertainment DJ Services & Design In Colour Event Decor is your choice for 2020!

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It's funny how time can pass so quickly.  A few months back I was having a discussion with another DJ about the usual Shop Talk and I referred to myself as being one of the younger ones out on the market.  She quickly reminded me that I was established as a DJ.  Even before there was a 20/20 Entertainment, I had been a working DJ 12 years previous to the 12 years that we have operated 20/20 Entertainment DJ Services. Early February of 1996-2020.

In our 12th year as 20/20 Entertainment DJ Services, we can honestly say that we've been the soundtrack to hundreds of events with tens of thousands of Newfoundlanders, Labradorians and CFAs 

We have provided great entertainment at a wide variety of events from a Childs birthday party to a 65th Anniversary celebration and let's not forget the core of our business - Weddings from the Ceremony to the last dance.  
 We come highly recommended by our past clients as well as some of the most respected venues & fellow entertainment professionals in the province.

When you book with 20/20 Entertainment DJ Services for your upcoming wedding, be assured that you will have the co-owner of the DJ Service providing his all to make your one of a kind day into the one of a kind wedding reception to top.


We have hundreds of thousands of tracks at our fingertips on hand at every event.  Our music is mixed according to your wishes and and what will please your guests.  Once the party starts, We are Doing live as it should be. 

We have music to please any and all generations with wide tastes of music.  We are more than happy to customize the sound to accommodate your tastes.


We have been offering our exclusive online planning software to our clients since 2010 and as time and tech have advanced, so has the system.  It is fully compatible with most smartphones including all major Android brands and iPhone 5 or newer.  Our clients have told us that they love the system and we love having the opportunity to work with our clients in "Real" time as they plan and share their requests with us in the weeks and months leading up to their big day.


We have all the extras that clients love to take advantage of.
- Monogram projection
- Projector/Screen SetUps & Slideshows
- Combo offers with our Sister Decor Service - Design In Colour Event Decor
- Full side PA systems for Large & Live Music
- Large Light Shows
- & More 

We as a DJ Service have recommitted ourselves to going above and beyond to provide the best service to our clients.  Why?  Our clients deserve the best from 20/20 Entertainment DJ Services or any DJ Service for that matter.


We would love to hear from you


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20/20 Entertainment DJ Services
    with Shane The DJ