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"If you're interested in the gear we use, chances are that
  you are either another DJ  or the groom.  lol -
  -Shane Cashin

At 20/20 Entertainment DJ Services, we spare no expense in providing our clients with the best possible service possible.  This philosophy applies to the equipment that we use to provide our DJ Entertainment Though.

From our experience, the typical client doesn't think much about the gear used by their DJ Service to deliver services, however they do notice when substandard products are chosen to save money at the expense of quality and reliability.

Let's start off with the heart of the System - The DJ Mixer/Controller

We use a Denon MC-6000MK2 4 Channel controller.  This is a brand new 2014 model that really improves over on the Original MC-6000 that we also have in our inventory.


As good as a controller may be, the laptop is key to fast and reliable delivery of music.  We use the HP Envy M6 with an i7 processor.  In the summer of 2014, we will be using the Mac Book Pro as our main laptop.


We use the industry standard in software for Mobile DJ and Broadcasting.

With millions of DJ's around the world using Virtual DJ, it is clearly the most popular DJ software out there for Mobile DJs.  We use Virtual DJ Professional to do live mixing once the dance begins we back it up with OTS-AV.

OTS-AV is used the world over in the Broadcast Industry.  It is SOLID when it comes to reliability and can run for months on end without as much as a single lag or hiccup.  It also mixes the music so that there are no gaps or songs that are too low or too loud.

By the Way - We have paid for licenses for all of our software - It's the Professional Thing to Do.

Speakers/PA Systems

We are absolutely obsessed on providing the best sound possible.  We are constantly recognized by many for the very high quality sound that our equipment delivers.  Our sound can be best described as Full Range, not too hard on the ears and not too much bass that it sounds muffled. 


We keep our music loud enough to let people know it's party time but we also know that the majority of events that we provide services at are social events where a large focus is placed on people interacting with each other beyond just dancing.  We also know that as we get older, our ear's ability to separate background noises from those closest to us such as other's voices that we are trying to listen to become much less effective making casual conversation much harder to achieve without having to yell.  So our Philosophy is to have our volume up enough so that those who want to dance on the floor are emerged in crystal clear sound yet when they chose to get off the dancefloor, the music moves to the background.

At 20/20 Entertainment DJ Services, we now use Exclusively Yorkville - Made In Canada P/A Systems.

Our main System are the brand new Parasource 12 inch loud speakers with 1400 watts of Program Power and up to 4400 watts at Peak.  These speakers can put out low bass that rivals that of much larger systems with subwoofers.  These are a new addition to our system for 2014.

For larger events, we use either one or both of our Yorkville nx720s subs to fill the room with high quality professional sound that will move you to dance.

We also have have a portable system for outdoor events such as ceremonies along with a live music mixing board - all from Yorkville.


At 20/20 Entertainment, we use both wired and wireless Microphone Systems for the best and most reliable sound possible for Ceremonies, Speeches & Announcements.

Lighting Effects

At 20/20 Entertainment DJ Services, we were the FIRST DJ company to use LED lighting and one of the very few in 2008 that placed much importance on Lights.  We believe that lights add to just about any kind of party.

As for our lighting inventory.  We have the following types of lighting

- Moonflower lighting - REVO 4, REVO Sweep, REVO 3, Quad Phase HP, Quad Gem
- Lasers - ADJ Galaxian, Orion Blue Firefly, ADJ Micro Gobo, Royal & Image RGB laser
- Scanners - ADJ Dynasty Scan, Inno Scan, Com Scans, ADJ Accu Scan 250
- Moving Heads - ADJ Vizi LED Spot, Vizi Wash, Inno Pocket Scans
- Disco Ball types - ADJ Starball LED DMX, JellyDome, Spherion WH
- Uplighting - ADJ, Chauvet, Luminiere, Eddylight

Just too many to show.  We have in our collection at least 75 fixtures to choose from.

Denon MC6000 MK2 4 Channel Controller
HP Envy M6
Mac Book Pro (coming Soon)
Yorkville Parasource PS12P
Yorkville nx720s Subwoofers
Yorkville elite e10p
Yorkville elite ls200p Subwoofer
Medium to Large events System
Ceremony & Smaller events System
Yorkville PGM8 Mixer - Live Music